ignite your digital strategy. (bring us your goals, we’ll do the rest.)

Why us

delivering a one-stop digital agency

InSite Media offers all-in-one marketing solutions, eliminating the need to search for multiple agents to ignite your digital campaign. Web design? Check. Marketing strategy? Check. Social media? Check. We even throw in some non-digital media services to complete and broaden your marketing reach.

Our mission

To ignite our clients’ marketing strategies with the latest tools and technologies, building a connected brand, turning customers into loyalists, and driving revenue upwards

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Our core services

social media marketing

social media is a key component to  any modern marketing plan.  we’ll develop and implement (or teach you how to) a strategy that is right for your business/brand and market, and help you achieve real, measurable results through strategy, periodic review, analytics, and expert insights.

responsive, mobile-optimized web design & e-commerce

a website is your digital homebase for your business or brand, and it needs to look good.   we bring a marketer’s eye to your web design and optimize it to be viewable on any screen or device.

seo and “search marketing”

being found on the internet is key to virtually all business, from small, local shops and services to large and digital brands. we offer seo and optimized “search marketing” targeted for your business’ needs and market.

e-mail marketing campaigns

grow your email list, increase your open rates, and develop an interested, loyal customer base with well-designed, targeted email campaigns.

design/brand identity

we offer a full-range of design services, including digital, print, and branding/logo design.


we’ll provide the well-written text you need, whether for regular blogging (seo!), political campaigns, press releases, or otherwise. need a slogan? we do that, too.

let’s get started

contact us to start developing your digital strategy today.

example workflow

we research & strategize

we start by researching your business: your brand, your customers, your target market.  we then take that information and develop a strategy that will best reach your business goal(s).


we create and implement

we implement, manage, and monitor your digital strategy, including stunning graphic content curation, community management, crisis management and more. alternatively, we can teach you and monitor your progress.


we review and analyze

we schedule periodic review and analysis, to determine what’s working, what’s not, and how to keep moving forward. onward and upward!

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of digital marketing activities are outsourced

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time per day spent by the average american on social media platforms


percentage of budget devoted to companies’ marketing programs in 2013

source: u.s. digital marketing marketing spending report 2013

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